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a strike threat at ac transit. the union has given notice and bus drivers could walk out the day after tomorrow. good evening everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> i'm gasia mikaelian. the union that keeps the buses moving is threatening to walk out wednesday morning. jana katsuyama live in oakland. jana spoke to stressed out
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riders and is live at the negotiations. >> reporter: i spoke to the union and they said they are making progress, yet they're still ready to strike in 24 hours. >> i haven't had a car since 1995 so i can't get any where without buses. >> reporter: workers moved one step closer to a strike as passengers got on buses today. >> we did not make this decision lightly. >> reporter: the acu represents more than 1,600 workers who have been without a contract since skwraopb 30th. >> it's a very decision to make
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but because ac transit has taken the decision, we have to move on the strike. >> it's going to be awful. i don't want to lose my job because i can't get there. >> i feel like, they're letting us down. you know. they're leaving us stranded. >> the alameda contra costa district carries 1,100 passengers a day. >> we're a little more than 1% apart. the sticking point is on health and welfare patients to their premiums. currently we're asking them to pay 10% like all the other employees do. >> reporter: union workers tell us they haven't had a strike in 28 years and they're planning to work through tomorrow night to avoid a strike on wednesday
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morning. now reporting live, jana katsuyama, ktvu news. and now to the b.a.r.t. labor dispute and a hearing set for wednesday morning. at that time b.a.r.t. and its unions are scheduled to line out their differences before governor brown. he will decide whether to impose a cooling off period for up to 60 days. a spokeswoman for b.a.r.t. said they asked the governor to intervene. the union said they're disappointed that it's come to this. >> we don't need cooling off, we don't need an investigation. we need b.a.r.t. to do this right. >> reporter: the unions and bart will present their
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negotiation. wednesday's hearing is open to the public and the board can call additional hearings if the three members determine there's a need to do so. now tonight at 10:15. the three appointed to that board of inquiry and more on how they'll help determine what happens next. >> b.a.r.t. says it will have to pay for buses it hired to move commuters today in case of a strike. at the walnut creek b.a.r.t. station this morning. the chartered buses stood ready to bring commuters to san francisco. b.a.r.t. said it it sent e-mails to riders but some apparently did not receive them and still showed up. 12 hours, that's how long it took for bay traffic to
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unwind after a big rig fire. >> it's horrible. very horrible. >> awful. >> reporter: just sitting? >> just sitting watching a movie. >> reporter: watching a movie? >> yeah, i always do. >> reporter: the cause of the back up was here on interstate 80. here's that same scene from a different camera angle. if driver of the truck told ktvu he was sitting from castro valley to south san francisco with a load full of sushi, rice and other asian food. >> the smoke came from the windshield wipers. the flames were bigger. >> it could have been from the
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tire flapping or it could have broken a brake fuel line. >> reporter: the highway patrol closed two lanes of westbound 80 then later three while workers cleared out the rig and cleaned up the mess. it's where four lanes merge into one. >> we've been stuck for like 2- 1/2 hours on the bridge. coming from richmond. >> just from richmond. >> it's ridiculous. >> reporter: the chp reopened all lanes at about 3:15. investigators say they may never know what caused the fire, the truck is too badly burned. at treasure island, rob roth, ktvu news. we are following developing news from southern california where a wildfire is burning near lake elsenore. the so called falls fire started this afternoon. so far the flames have burned more than 1,200 acres and forced the evacuation of hundreds of homes.
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according to calfire at this hour there is zero containment. firefighters in tualamey county are also working to control a fire. the so called towers fire broke out around 6:00 a.m. this morning. about 20 acres have burned so -r far. smoke from the fire is drifting into the basin. two campground are under advisory evacuations. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. we have new details on a warning that closed down embassies overseas.
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in the message, the ali zewag was told to do something. the ár a motorist deliberate plowed his car into people injuring several and killing one. the items were left near the spot where italian tourist alipe was killed on saturday. she was on her honey moon with her husband when she was struck. the driver 38-year-old nathan campbell is charged with murder. he's being held on a $1 million bond. witnesses say it looked like he did it on purpose. major league baseball suspended new york yankees superstar alex rodriguez and 12 other players today. all of them are linked to the
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florida clinic bio genesis. those were fans booing rodriguez as he came to bat. ironically it's his first game this year after returning from an injury. rodriguez receiveed the harshest penalty. he is suspended more than 200 games in all. he was allowed to play tonight because he is appealing his suspension. three of the other players suspended are all stars. nelson cruz, cabrera of the padres and johnny peralta of the tigers. every player was given 50 game suspension. there's no single player for the a's or giants on that suspension list today. christien kafton live tonight at at that time park, where fans tell you they are
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frustrated. >> reporter: the giants just took a lead in the brewers. these are two teams that are very aware of suspensions because of performance enhancing drugs. >> i hope it's limited to the people they found. i'm worried that throughout baseball as a whole. i'm glad they got braun. as a milwaukee fan. >> reporter: giant fans have seen issues here too. >> i've seen the bad, the ugly, and the great. >> reporter: it was not far ago that barry bonds was under a cloud of suspicion. >> i really believe they've ruined, somebody got angry at the gym and they ruined barry
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bonds career. >> this boy got rich off the home run ace and they got dirty then. i think players have been doing it since high school. >> reporter: fans agree. and they are willing to give up stars for cleaner game. to give a little perspective. it's thought to be the biggest ban since 1921. gio gonzalez was one of two players named in the bio
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genesis investigation but was cleared. and in sports, we're going to look at comments by alex rodriguez over the suspension. and authorities aren't saying if a missing woman is at risk or why they're looking for her. they do say she hasn 't been seen since last night. she is known to drive a mini cooper convertible with a black top. sbdv708. an 11th hour reprieve but that didn't stop some commuters routine from going off the rails. >> i got up at 3:00 and i checked the internet to see if they had actually decided to strike. >> how uncertainty is turning into stress for b.a.r.t. riders. >> a pattern of cool breezy weather and clear skies.
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and the surprise awaiting us as we move into the afternoon. >> from social network to social activists. the issue causing mark zuckerberg to speak out.
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new at 10:00, mark zuckerberg stepped up his push for immigration speaking for the first time on the issue. he told the crowd this isn't about fighting for high tech visas. >> reporter: those in the
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audience here at the yerba buena center for the arts cheered when zuckerberg said this is about comprehensive reform, saying today's dreamers are tomorrow's interpreneuros. >> please give a warm lc to mark zuckerberg. >> reporter: when mark zuckerberg takes the stage, it's usually to talk about technology. but today it was about immigration reform. the tech titan made his case at the premier of a new documentary called. undocumented. the film is based on the real life experience of jose antonio vargas. vargas mother sent him from the philippines to live with his grandmother. he had no idea he was undocumented until he i apdidn'
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have the right papers. that i was here in america illegally i had to create a different system of reality. >> reporter: vargas has become a prominent face in the fight for immigration reform and now so is zuckerberg. he and his farmer harvard roommate green began a panel. >> they wanted to make sure this wasn't going to be only about engineers, only about hnb, only about silican valley. >> reporter: zuckerberg said he wanted to make sure this was a path to citizenship. >> these are issues that don't just touch our part of the industry but touch the whole country and touch what is right for us to do as a people. >> reporter: among the crowd tonight house minority leader nancy pelosi, san francisco mayor ed lee. other lawmakers and mc hammer
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all of whom echo zuckerberg's call. and they certainly welcome his clout too. i'm heather holmes, ktvu news. a san jose company is pulling ginger candy off store shelves after a testing found high levels of led. it sold in a white container with red lettering. there's a small cocoa nut tree on the top of the label and the words ginger candy underneath. pregnant women and parents of children who may have eaten it should talk to their doctors. tonight the palo alto city council is debating on whether to make it illegal for people to live in their cars. supporters say the ordnance would give police a tool to respond to complaints to people who live in their cars. the ordnance would be enforced on a complaint only basis and officers would work with offenders to try to link them
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to social services. california is trying to move thousands of inmates by releasing them. there's currently 25,000 inmates in california prisons. chp officers arrested seven people in oakland today during a protest in support of hunger strikers in california prisons. the protesters called the prison's tactic of solitary confinement torture. they want the policy changed. protesters today chained themselvess to the entrance to the state building then moved inside. they were arrested when they refused to leave. continuing coverage now of the b.a.r.t. labor dispute and what's next for the agency, its workers and
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the 400,000 riders who depend on b.a.r.t. on a daily basis. tom vacar tells us don't expect miracles from the board of inquiry who is now reviewing the case. >> it's headed toward a strike. >> reporter: mike burneck is a former member of the b.a.r.t. board of directors that are still well connected to the current board. he said the credentials, a wide mix, the board of inquiry will have very little inquiry and duties. >> basically gathering information on the management offer, the labor offer and within seven days are going to summarize the offers and present them to the governor. they will not make a recommendation. they will not make a táe sis on
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which position is the right one. they will not tell the governor to do. >> reporter: all the governor can do is impose a cooling off period. it cannot fire negotiators. the solution is likely to come from influential people and corporations who will punish both sides if they fail to reach an agreement. because b.a.r.t. like the big banks that were too big to fail in the recession has probably now become too big to derail. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now on the three members of that board, jacob avelsmith is the director of alcoholic beverage control. he is a senior advisor to jerry brown and an attorney. mikki callahan is a state
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mediator and conciliator. and robert valganort is on the building an construction trade panel. and is a former california transportation commissioner. a small earthquake shook the south bay this afternoon. it was a 2.5 quake 12 miles north of morgan hill. there are that reports of any damage or injuries -- there are no reports of damage or injuries. the winds are blowing on shore and temperatures are falling. 58degrees right now in fairfield. 55degrees half-moon bay. as we get started tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy skies. the fog will be with us as well as the patchy drizzle. temperatures are going to feel a lot like what we felt this morning. 53 in vallejo tomorrow morning. widespread low to mid-50s around the bay.
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53degrees for you morgan hill. here is a sample of the cool down expected for tomorrow. notice the temperatures well below the seasonal average for tomorrow. san jose by 10. livermore by nine as well as oakland. the seasonal average expected in san francisco for tomorrow. i'll give you a detailed look, and i will tell you when we finally expect the warm up to return. >> b.a.r.t. trains are running, the question is for how much longer. the stress caused by all that uncertainty. his naked acrobatics were all caught on camera and today a judge weighed in. >> a gunman opened fire during a monday night town hall meeting. the possible motive in the shooting. good morning! wow.
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a gunman opened fire tonight during a town meeting in north eastern pennsylvania killing three people.
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it happened in ross township. a witness said the suspects fired shots through the wall and into the board of supervisors meetings then entered the room and continued to shoot. aside from three people killed, they injured several other. the suspect was wounded and is now hospitalized. according to one report the suspect had an ongoing land dispute with the board. a judge today ordered a berkeley acrobat to face felony charges for his naked antics in a b.a.r.t. station including grabbing at people walking by. perez was captured on video during the may 10 incident in san francisco. in court today, b.a.r.t. workers said perez growled as he touched himself and tried to grab at passengers. perez said he remembers little of the incident. perez said that he must have
10:26 pm
been going through a mental break down, perez said he takes medication for mental illness. b.a.r.t. trains throughout the bay area ran as scheduled this morning. >> i got up at 3:00 and i checked the internet to see if they had actually decided to strike. >> reporter: since the strike didn't happen oaklander dave matson didn't have to break his morning routine so he walked a half hour to the coliseum b.a.r.t. station, got off at san leandro and walked to wal-mart for work. >> there's two things that frustrate me. not knowing and having to wait till the last minute to find out what is going to be the situation in seven days or like this morning. >> reporter: today we spoke to ben goldburg. >> often changes in people's regular routines generate a lot
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of stress. it often makes them feel more vulnerable because it sort of resinates to other parts of their lives. >> reporter: goldstone from people can't get to work, it may increase the stress. these french travelers said if b.a.r.t. wasn't running their week long visit here would have been a lot more expensive and their sightseeing would have been cut short new at 10:00, some of the world's best sailors received honors tonight in san francisco. the d. young museum in golden gate park hosted the america's cup induction center. among those being honored was
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san francisco lucy anne juitt. we're following breaking news right now after the break what we just learned about a computer problem affecting multiple airlines right now. a brutal attack being called a hate crime. and other cases that some worry are part of a trend. >> people in one bay area city tell us they're fearful of gang violence. find out how police are responding. hi. welcome to toyota. i'm jan. i want to get my future son-in-law a dependable tundra before they're gone. good timing. during our once-a-year clearance event, we have a great selection, but they're going fast. told him how important it is to be dependable, how a buddy of mine let me down once. once. [ chuckles ] [ chuckles ]
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and guides us. at new york life, everything we do is to help you keep good going. we have breaking news tonight about an airline reservation system that's causing troubles for at least three mayor airlines tonight. according to the airline
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manager, there's delays possible. the problem is system wide and that they are working to fix the situation as soon as possible. a college student who was hoping to become a nurse is now the latest homicide victim. kimberly chico was shot to death while riding in a car near second and san salvador. authorities do not believe she was the intended target. >> we have no motive. a police crack down on gangs is under way. amber lee is in san jose where she spoke to some people who are actually afraid to go out at night. amber-- >> reporter: that's right frank. police have dedicated 12 officers and two sergeants to this gang suppression unit and residents tell us this crack
10:32 pm
down is much needed. >> we need to help each other. >> reporter: 61-year-old diana grant tells us she grew up in east san jose and still lives here but the san jose she knew as a child is much different than what the city has become today. she says the fear of gang violence has become a major concern. >> the worse time is the weekends. they don't have respect for neighborhoods. the weekends that's when most of our tragedies happen. >> reporter: police say there's been 30 homicides in san jose this year. up from 25 at this time last year and they say seven are confirmed to be gang related. >> where you live has there been any violence? >> two murders on merta. two murders there's been this year. >> reporter: how close to your house? >> very close. >> reporter: the officers dedicated to the gang suppression unit are familiar with known gang members and will target areas where they are known to gather. >> keep your friends close and enemy closer.
10:33 pm
you keep a tab on these gang members. >> reporter: this unit was one the city had cut three years ago. >> we did that and now we see gang crime skyrockets. we see innocent people getting killed. >> reporter: maldonado agrees that there's more officers needed. >> statements we take walks at night and they say don't go after 8:00. i think it's going to be safer. something had to be done. >> we didn't see this when we were young, but now. >> reporter: the long term rivalry between two gangs is responsible for most of the problems. and that the food soldiers are minors recruited at a very young age. reporting live in san jose, amber lee, channel 2 news. neighborhoods across the in national night out tomorrow
10:34 pm
night. it'll be the 30th year for the block party event to help reduce crime by getting neighbors together. people are encouraged to organize cook outs, flashlight walks and other social events. you'll find a link to national night out website. the stocks topped $470 a share before closing at $459.49. this follows obama's restriction to reduce imports of apple products. palo alto based electric auto maker will reduce -- a lack of major news led to the lowest volume of trading this year.
10:35 pm
the markets were mixed at the close with the dow down a little more than 46 points. s & p500 closed down about 2- 1/2 points. in news of the world six people were killed when a bomb exploded in the philippines today. the bomb went off as the city administrator was driving through the area in a bullet- proof vehicle. she was not injured. no one has claimed responsibility but a break away muslim faction. and a tragedy in moscow. the boys were staying overnight at their friend's apartment above a pet shop. i appears a python snake snuck out of his enclosure, went up the ventilation pipe and that's how the snake reached the two
10:36 pm
victims. a fukashima plant is facing a new challenge tonight. regulators say if the water reaches the surface it could quickly make it into surrounding areas and the sea. just a day short of the first anniversary of the chevron refinery explosion and fire the oil giant agreed to pay a $2 million fine. chevron pleaded no contest to six criminal charges in connection with the richmond refinery fire last year. it also reinspected units. chevron said it is committed to operating their plants safely. carolyn rodriguez was waiting for a friend when she decided to buy a $10 lottery ticket. she bought it at the food and convenience store. rodriguez says she loves cats
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and plans to adopt as many as possible. if you bought your ticket for saturday's drawing you too may be one of the bay area's newest millionaires. a lottery ticket was sold at landis arcos. the winner has 180 days from the day of the drawing to claim their prize. president obama taking questions. how you can participate in a unique opportunity for homeowners, home buyers or renters. tonight at 10:35, rosemary orozco live with your complete bay area forecast and how long this unseasonably cool weather is going to last. and a home destroyed. why some of the victims count themselves as lucky.
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a group of protesters camped out at the berkeley postoffice saying they're determined to keep the postoffice from closing. demonstrators pitched their at the -- their tents last month. the berkeley demonstrators said the building is owned by american taxpayers and should not be sold off. 12 adults and five children are without a home tonight after a quick moving fire tore through the south bay apartment. jana katsuyama explains how the people managed to get outside. >> reporter: windows and doors throughout this apartment complex in west san jose are boarded up. a family's belongings soiled and smelling of smoke lay in a heap outdoors. the fire traveled fast. >> luckily that she heard the people scream because if she wouldn't have, they would have had the glass right on them. >> reporter: ranson lives in the apartment that caught fire. the flames came close to where
10:41 pm
her two daughters and granddaughter was sleeping. >> she was crying because she could hear the lady screaming. the house is on fire. >> reporter: those who lived near by ran outside before firefighters arrived. the fire grew to two alarms. >> i was watching tv in my room with the door closed and i heard the smoke alarm. when i got out the kitchen was on fire. >> reporter: the woman says her boyfriend was cooking and left pan of oil. people today are remembering and are grateful that they got out of here alive. >> everything happens for a reason. it's unfortunate but me and my children are still alive. so i just thank god for that. >> reporter: the red cross is helping all the families by putting them in hotels and providing money for food and clothing. it's help appreciated given the
10:42 pm
frightening morning and what was lost. in san jose, janine dela vega. it was announced today that besos is buying the washington postfor $251 million. it's not buying it through amazon he's buying it as an individual. the news came as a surprise to newspaper employees. the post has been run by the graham family for generations but revenue is declining and the post is hoping that a new owner like besos can fire it up. the white house blog says that questions can be submitted on twitter, you tube, instagram and vine with the hash tag asking obama housing. you can also find links at zilo. the event will begin at 10:00
10:43 pm
pacific time. spare the cows by turning to stem cells? the results of the first taste test of the test tube burger. >> i'll lay down the break down of when temperatures will start trending higher again. >> and in two minutes, bay area bigotry. >> it's hurt me, it's disrupted me. >> coming up, hear about bay area crime.
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10:45 pm
we're finding out more about the hardware store employee who was stabbed to death yesterday and what police say may have been a random attack. the coroner identified the victim as 51-year-old daniel joseph stone of pinol. this is a photo of him from the dmv. he was attacked at oliver's.
10:46 pm
24-year-old daymond agnus was arrested and charged with his murder. a san francisco man says he still hasn't recovered from an attack that happened months ago that police are investigating as a hate crime. david stevenson talked to the victim who says he's still hurting both physically and emotionally. >> reporter: 58-year-old james jefferson was born in mississippi and raised in san francisco. but the february attack he describes sounds like something from the days in the deep south. >> it's not a kind of thing that i would think happened in san francisco. >> he was saying you're an n, you're an n. you're just an n. >> reporter: 47-year-old david wright repeatedly used the n word as he shoved the retired clerk into the gutter of this convenience store. >> i looked at him and i said i'm a bike cop andly [ bleep ]
10:47 pm
your face in. >> reporter: but he is not a cop and officers found the gloves in wright's own bag. >> we have a case the tenant is in dispute. the tenant is african american. the landlord left a noose which is obviously offensive. >> i have a problem with white people passing me by on the streets now. >> reporter: the fbi reported 3,465 racially motivated
10:48 pm
crimes. ktvu channel 2 news. arizona based rural metro corporation says it has come with an agreement with its lenders. the filing will not only reduce its debt but further improve patient care. more than half of adults that go online use twitter. notably twitter is twice as popular among african americans and latinos compared to whites. white twitter use is up to 18% for adults who go online it's still lagging compared to facebook. our gradual cool down is going to continue for your tuesday. it will be a minor cooling. but in any case i think most of us will be within a few degrees of what we felt today. well below the seasonal average. your look at the pacific satellite view, this is the
10:49 pm
system that continues off the coastline. this will eventually move out of here. temperatures will remain on the cool side. mostly cloudy skies along the coastline for tomorrow. the deep marine layer and low clouds within that marine layer easily coming up over the coastal range through the passes and the gaps in the on shore breeze transporting those low clouds even the sacramento valley reported some of those clouds this morning. fairfield reporting 25 miles per hour. gusting a little bit faster at times and i do expect it's going to remain on shore and blowing fairly well through the evening hours and into tomorrow morning. the low clouds are already moving back in. we saw them along the peninsula. now you can see moving into the north bay as well. if i shift in just a little bit closer. oakland, hayward, san leandro into fremont, mostly cloudy skies outside your doors. temperatures will be in the 50s. 53 in oakland, 52 for san francisco, 54 in hayward.
10:50 pm
56 for mountain view. these temperatures within a degree or two of where we started this morning. it's going to feel cool and cloudy. by the afternoon sunshine expected once again away from the coastline. 70degrees for novato. i shaved off just a few degrees. 80degrees for pleasanton along the east bay shoreline mid- to upper 60s. into the south bay 76 for areas right around saratoga. low 80s morgan hill. 73 in san jose along the peninsula. 60s to low 70s expected. 73 redwood city. 73 for mountain view. a cool day in san francisco. 61degrees expected. the extended forecast here, notice no warm up as we get through the business week. by friday we do knowledge those temperatures up just a degree or two into the weekend better relief. mid- to upper 80s in the forecast for the inland cities.
10:51 pm
>> these are like springtime temperatures. or fall. thank you rosemary. the world's first stem cell hamburger made its debut today. they used muscle cells from two organically raised cows to create small strands of hamburger meat. the new hamburger could help eliminate world hunger. testers said they liked the consistency but there's a little problem. >> the absence is i think the fat. >> we don't have any fat in there yet. >> it's close to meat. it's not that juicy. >> the stem cell hamburger project was funded in part by google founder sergi foster. and we have sports.
10:52 pm
and there's a lot of talk with a. rod. >> there's no other player where the sport has made him rich and famous. this was the scene prior to the game where he made the season's debut. literally thousands and thousands of fans clambering for his autograph. at his first at-bat in the yankees loss against the white sox. he sent a little blooper into left field. the yankees lost. longest suspension in the history of baseball. alex will appeal it. >> from this moment on i want to focus on baseball and you know play every game like it's do or die. every game is important for us. >> of the 12 other players
10:53 pm
players suspended today for 50 days. nelson cruz of the rangers. cabrera of the pirates and peralta of the tigers gone. there's only a few teams with more problems than the giants and one of them showed up in san francisco tonight. the milwaukee brewers generallily gift wrap one for the giants this evening and they'll take everything they can get. 4th inning, two out, nobody out. grego blanco. francisco throws it away. brewers lead the majors in error. they show you why they're 1-0. based loaded, francoeur bases are loaded. another error, jeff bianki with that one and they add to league
10:54 pm
leading total, romo his 27th save. giants not complaining a bit. they'll take a win any way they can get it. 49ers you ready for this. first preseason game of the year. thursday night. collin kaepernick starts his first game as the leader of the team. will it catch up to him? next. hi. i'm jan. welcome to toyota's once-a-year clearance event.
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one of the most intriguing aspects, collin kaepernick and the reed offense. it could be a fact that everyone has an answer for. whatever the case one of the leaders of the san francisco defensive leaders justin smith has a few thoughts on the reed option offense. >> something we focus on a bunch is the read option. a lot of teams are doing it. you know, like i said as a wildcat i used to do it too. we'll see what happens. and i know as far as our defense we're prepared. i think we'll be ready to stop it. >> all right, the denver broncos and that quarterback they have. >> go get them justin. >> thursday night at the stick. >> thank you for choosing ktvu
10:58 pm
channel 2 news. we will see you the next time news breaks. >> ktvu morning team has the latest on talks to avert a strike. we'll see you tomorrow morning. thanks for watching.
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